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Pricing your home correctly is one of the most difficult decisions encountered when placing your house on the market. Your asking price will determine how Real Estate Professionals present it for sale, how prospective buyers will assess it, and ultimately, how quickly you are able to close a deal.

These tips can help you put a price tag on your home that will get you a sale. Always remember to set an asking price consistent with the local market that also reflects the value of your home. Don’t be discouraged by local market conditions either, a poor market will not prevent a sale on your home if you set an asking price according to current conditions. If you price your home correctly, it will sell.

  • The more houses on the market in your area, the more competitively you need to price your home. Make what you have to offer a real value to grab a buyer’s attention from the word go.
  • Don’t build negotiating room into your initial selling price. It will be easier to make a sale if you price your home correctly at the beginning than to risk losing too much in negotiations.
  • Major advertising and lots of open houses are not always the solution to getting your home sold. If you price it right, it will sell.
  • Take note: An over improved home may take longer to sell if it is not priced correctly for the neighborhood. Make sure your asking price is consistent with the area.
  • What a real estate professional says your home is worth is not always what a buyer will be willing to pay. Approach from the buyer’s perspective.


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